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We believe in providing knowledge to people so that they can apply the concepts of Natural Wellness to their lives and the lives of others. We welcome people of all professional backgrounds to take our courses and start their journey in learning Natural Wellness. After all, there is no age limit when it comes to taking health in our hands.


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All scheduled courses below come with Foundation Principles of Ayurveda (FPA) for FREE!

Ayurvedic Consultant Training Program (AC) : On-site
1715679000 14th May 2024 - 24th May 2024
Ayurvedic Consultant Training Program (AC) : Online
1722535200 2nd August 2024 - 1st November 2024
Ayurvedic Therapist Level 1 (ATL1)
1731403800 12th November 2024 - 22nd November 2024

Course Curriculum

We have designed a Curriculum for our Ayurveda Courses and Acupressure Courses as a guide for you to navigate what we provide. We highly recommend you to go through the Curriculum before deciding to commit to a course(s).

This interactive learning map shows how you can navigate through the Courses that Sangeeta offers.

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Ayurveda Track

The Ayurveda Track is aimed at those who want to get into the field of Ayurveda. One can start with the basics and then move along the track according to their preference.

Acupressure Track

Students who want to develop skills and techniques used in Acupressure can focus on this track. Courses in this track are mainly hands-on.

Foundation Principles of Ayurveda (FPA)

This course lays a general foundation on the main aspects of Ayurveda and its operative principles, which is a must for all who are undertaking any kind of Ayurvedic training. This course of study provides students with a basic understanding of Ayurveda that enables them to identify the Doshas or Bio-humors out of balance as well as chart out the measures to bring them back to harmony. It provides a firm foundation for carrying on further training and research in Ayurveda.

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Balancing Your Life with Ayurveda (Udemy)

Ayurveda, the age-old Science of Life, is a huge body of knowledge that describes Health and Wellness in a simplistic manner. However, one has to dive very deep into Ayurveda to fully understand its potential, which may not be possible for everyone. Keeping that in mind, this course is a short, practical and effective guide to help you harness the power of Ayurveda in your daily lives and balance your Health and Wellbeing. You will be able to apply the knowledge learned in this course instantly for yourself and for others.

This course is NCBTMB Accredited - 1.0 CE Hours under Self-Care

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Ayurvedic Therapist Level 1 (ATL1)

This the first level of training for any therapist wishing to undertake the hands-on therapy pathway into Ayurveda. With a firm foundation in the Principles of Ayurveda, that is a prerequisite to this course, participants conduct all massage therapies with an awareness of the natural elements present within each individual hence being able personalize all treatments with appropriate pressure, rhythm and other components used in each therapy.

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Ayurvedic Therapist Level 2 (ATL2)

The second Level of Ayurvedic Therapist training is aimed at equipping Ayurvedic Therapists with vital tools in the form of specialized therapies in Ayurveda that may be conducted individually or in conjunction with Level 1 treatment modalities. It helps therapists undertake therapies that are more intensive and focused for specific needs.

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Ayurvedic Consultant Training Program (AC)

This intensive course of training is geared towards personalizing treatments through sustaining balance and overall well-being of each individual. The core idea of this training program is to connect the therapeutics of herbs and essential oils with the energetics of Ayurveda in order to produce a wonderful synergy that can effectively balance one’s natural elements. To ensure that this knowledge is well-applied, live case studies are undertaken as a major part of the training where participants gain first-hand experience of its efficacy.

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Individual Courses

Courses in this category are designed for students to focus on a single aspect or topic. Hours, Price and Course Format will depend on each course.

Individual Courses include:
‚ěĘ Marma Abhyanga
(Ayurvedic Body Oil Therapy)
‚ěĘ Shirobhyanga
(Ayurvedic Head, Neck and Shoulder Therapy)
‚ěĘ Shirodhara
(Ayurvedic Head Oil Therapy)
‚ěĘ Ayurvedic Aromatherapy
‚ěĘ Ayurvedic Herbal Science

...and more.

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Basic Acupressure Reflexology (Zone Therapy)

This course of study provides a firm foundation in foot Reflexology. Beginning with relaxation techniques, the students are guided through each system of the human body. Focus is on locating the organs and glands correctly on the feet, followed by the correct working technique on each reflex. This involves the appropriate rhythm, pressure and posture for every technique, namely, Thumb-walk, Finger-walk, Hook-in, Pivot, Finger-roll, Ankle and Toe rotations, and several others as the students work through all the reflexes on the feet.

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Advanced Acupressure Reflexology (Zone Therapy)

The advanced Acupressure Reflexology program provides a thorough training in Acupressure Reflexology whereby students are able to accurately identify and treat specific imbalances.

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Meridian Therapy

Meridians are the basis of several forms of natural therapies from acupuncture to acupressure. They form our energy pathways that nourish and sustain us from the physical to the subtle levels. Meridians also link us to our environment where we are constantly exchanging energy in several forms, which sometimes create a blockage or overflow in the meridians. Through the Meridian Therapy, imbalances are recognized and corrected leading to a revival of our entire system.

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You can also download the Course Curriculum as a PDF File below.

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