Sangeeta Sirinthipaporn

Meridian Therapy



  Course Format(s)

•  On-site (Chiang Mai)
Study face-to-face with Sangeeta

Price per person

1-on-1 Group Class
(2 - 6 Students)

฿ 32,200*

฿ 23,000*

*USD available when paying



Target Audience

  • Health Consultants
  • Therapists looking to add new skill

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Material Includes

  • Notes
  • Supplies
  • Certificate

About Course

Meridians are the basis of several forms of natural therapies from acupuncture to acupressure. They form our energy pathways that nourish and sustain us from the physical to the subtle levels. Meridians also link us to our environment where we are constantly exchanging energy in several forms, which sometimes create a blockage or overflow in the meridians. Through the Meridian Therapy, imbalances are recognized and corrected leading to a revival of our entire system.

An overview is also provided on:
❖ Sedating and Strengthening points
❖ Neurovasculars
❖ Neurolymphatics
❖ Meridian Dental chart
❖ Effect of each meridian on the mind, body and emotions
❖ The Meridian Clock

What Will I Learn?


The course will be On-site:
face-to-face with Sangeeta in Chiang Mai

Yes, you will receive a Certificate once you complete the course.

No, there is no prerequisite. Anyone can enroll for this course.

No, all supplies for the Course will be provided by Sangeeta.

No, the Price(s) already include the supplies that will be used for the Course.