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Before committing to a Treatment Session or Program, you can speak with Sangeeta to understand what to expect from a Treatment Session or Program.

She can also recommend you on whether you need one Treatment Session or you need to commit to a Program for best results depending on your imbalances.

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Single Treatment Session

Using her 20+ years of knowledge in the field of Ayurveda, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, and Meridians, Sangeeta is here to jump start you to a healthier and natural lifestyle:
Online or In-Person!

A Treatment Session with Sangeeta is divided into TWO distinct parts:

  • Assessment

    Many factors play a role in creating imbalances in your body that ultimately lead to problems. This is an opportunity for Sangeeta to assess factors like:
    Your Ailments - what your main complaints are
    💼 Your Lifestyle - occupation, sleeping patterns, hobbies and activities
    🥘 Your Diet - special attention is given to Diet since it has a major impact
    🧍🏽Your Ayurvedic Body Type - Natural Elements that are unique to you do have subtle effects on your Body and Mind
    🦶🏼 Acupressure Analysis* - this can reveal what is happening inside your body
    *Applicable to In-Person Treatment Session Only

  • Treatment

    After the Assessment, Sangeeta will be able help you with a customized set of Treatment Methods depending on what you need. Treatment Methods include:
    ✅ Acupressure Reflexology*
    ✅ Meridian Therapy*
    ✅ Shirodhara*
    ✅ Cranio-sacral Therapy (CST)*
    ✅ Recommending self-implemented Balancing Measures
    *Applicable to In-Person Treatment Session Only

Price of Treatment Sessions

Online In-Person

฿ 900*
(1 Hour)

฿ 2,500*
(2 Hours)

*USD available when paying

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Treatment Programs

A Treatment Session with Sangeeta will definitely help you understand what your body is going through and allow Sangeeta to work on your main ailments through Natural Therapies. What if Sangeeta could help you after the Treatment Session?

To see noticeable change in your body, we recommend you to go for a Treatment Program where Sangeeta will be able to iron out major and minor imbalances as well. Check out our Program options below:

Online Treatment Program

*USD available when paying
  • 5 Online Treatment Sessions (1 Hour each)
  • Hands-on Treatment
  • Learn self-implemented Balancing Measures
  • Program Lifetime: 30 days