Sangeeta Sirinthipaporn

❗Update to our Consultation services❗

We have updated our Consultation services as follows (you can click on each header for more information):

👥Free Consultation (Online/In-Person)
You can now book a 30-minute Google Meet Call/In-Person Meeting for FREE to understand more about how our treatment methods work and how we can help you with our services.

💆🏽Single Treatment Session (Online/In-Person)
Recommended for those who want to experience a Treatment Session with Sangeeta where she will assess your lifestyle and give appropriate treatment*
*Some treatments are only available for In-Person Treatment Sessions.

📆Treatment Programs (Online/In-Person)
A Treatment Program will allow Sangeeta to work on your major and minor imbalances and iron them out through multiple Sessions*
*Some treatments are only available for In-Person Treatment Program

👩‍👦Personalized Treatment Program for Kids (Under 18 years old)
Only available In-Person, this is ideal for kids who are having trouble with their physical and/or emotional health. The Program also gives Sangeeta an opportunity to work with the parent as well.