Sangeeta Sirinthipaporn

In-Person Treatment Package

Allow Sangeeta to help you beyond a Single Treatment Session through the In-Person Treatment Package. The Package includes:

  • A First Treatment Session (2 Hours)

    This is identical to what you would experience if you were to book an In-Person Treatment Session, where Sangeeta will go through your:
    - Lifestyle
    - Diet
    - Ayurvedic Body Type
    - Imbalances
    - Body Analysis through Acupressure

  • 3 Follow-up Sessions (1 Hour each)

    Sangeeta will iron out the Imbalances in the customized Follow-up Sessions through Acupressure, Meridian Therapy and other Natural Therapies, depending on what your body needs. The Follow-up Sessions will allow you to see the improvements that you might not see with just an In-Person Treatment Session.
    *Sangeeta recommends a minimum of THREE Days of rest between each Session

The Package has a lifetime of 30 days from the First Treatment Session, giving you ample time to schedule Follow-up Sessions.

Package Price

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