Welcome to Foundation Principles of Ayurveda!

Module 1: Principles of Ayurveda

Module 2: Gunas, Prakruti and Vikruti

Module 3: Ayurvedic Anatomy

Module 4: Balancing Measures

Module 5: Agni, Ama and Ojas

Module 6: Disease Process


Introduction and Course Structure

We are so happy to have you on this journey of learning the natural healing system that is Ayurveda. Watch the video to gain an insight into the Course Structure and Content.

You can read the Course Guide and Assessment Guide below:

Course Guide

The course is divided into 6 Modules. Each Module contains:

  • Video lessons that guide you through the material
  • Exercises for review (not graded)
  • E-Books for reference
  • Assessments to help us ensure that you have understood the material
  • PDF of slides used in the videos that are downloadable and printable

Lessons will unlock as you complete the previous lessons.

Assessment Guide

  • Each Module has an Assessment at the end (6 Assessments for 6 Modules). These Assessments are to help me (Sangeeta) verify that you have understood the course material fully. 
  • To get a Certificate of Completion from Sangeeta for this Course, you will need to submit the Assessments within 30 days from the day you purchase the course. 
  • All Assessment-related activity (submission, feedback, etc.) will be done via email. Specific instructions will be given on the Assessment page of each Module.
  • The benefit of completing the Assessments and receiving the Certificate of Completion is that you will be able to enroll for courses in the Ayurveda Track since this course is a pre-requisite (check our curriculum here)
  • You will receive the Certificate of Completion via email once Sangeeta receives and checks all the Assessments.